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The Best Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

Home is where the heart is. Its where you spend all that wonderful time with your family, enjoying every part of what you make it. Big or small, the little things are what make it yours and exude the personality you give it.
With custom home building experience spanning for over 20 years, Alpha Building ensures you get the home of your dreams, including the big and little things that make it uniquely yours.
Alpha can assist in creating a luxury feel within the home whilst still staying true to your architectural or budgetary requirements.

Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne

A piece of art can captivate the mind, heart and soul. Its subjective and distinctive nature offering a varying feeling or emotion.
Alpha building designs and builds luxurious homes in an effort to capture that emotion and truly deliver on a brief. Attention to detail and flexibility on site enable Alpha to protect our customer’s vision and ensure they will enjoy the home as they set out to do.

Complete Support Throughout The Building Journey

From the outset, Alpha’s endeavour is transparent. Treat our customers with respect. Ask enough questions to ensure we understand what needs to be provided, whilst taking into account customers various requirements including budget and time.
Alpha provides feedback from the very beginning to the very end where we hand over your beautiful new luxury home.
From initial design, through to sanitary, interior colours, joinery, electrical, staircases, tiles and more, Alpha will detail and document every part of the journey to ensure we have captured your requirements.
Conducting our own routine audits of the property, whilst also consulting with a team of leading independent inspectors, we have refined our practices to ensure the homes look aesthetically beautiful whilst standing the test of time.

Total Project Solutions

With a dedicated team of people including designers, planners, demolition contractors, engineers and property consultants, Alpha can assist you from before you even purchase a property for development.
From very simple to complex projects Alpha can offer to advise relative to construction to ensure you are able to make informed decisions relating to the property.
Our team seamlessly designs landscapes and pools, as required, simultaneously with the construction to avoid any access issues post-construction.

Custom Construction Services

Our custom construction services also include a variety of construction methods such as – Raft Slab construction, Timber subfloor construction, Waffle Pod construction, Brick veneer, Double Brick, Blockwork, Sloping site design and construction, and much more. Using these methods and a range of fixtures, Alpha provides 3 initial levels of specifications for home-buyers to choose from.
Lifestyle by Alpha – Features stunning value-for-money fixtures. The lifestyle range is thoughtfully created to provide great value and practicality.
Premium by Alpha – Features top-notch brands for fixtures. The aim is not to settle for the second-best.
Handbuilt by Alpha – This is the best-in-class option designed to meet your definition of luxury.
What makes Alpha Building one of the best custom home builders in Melbourne is our customer-friendly and innovative approach. We know we don’t just build houses, we build homes.
Contact us today to build your dream home.
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